Bjugn Hotell

Bjugn hotel is located in Botngård in Ørland. In walking distance from the hotel you will find shops, restaurants, sports hall, ice hall, bowling, cultural center, and last but not least fantastic nature. Bjugn has varied landscape, and you will find everything from agriculture and forestry, to the sea and mountains with great views and perfekt areas for hiking.

The municipality has 4759 inhabitants (01.10.2015), and both development and population show that this is a municipality in growth. Situated on Fosenhalvøya, Bjugn also has short distance by car/bus both to Ørland (15 mins), Åfjord (30 mins) and Rissa (45 mins). Travel time to Trondheim is about 1 hour and 45 minutes, regardless of whether you travel by bus and boat from Brekstad, or if you drive a car and take the ferry Rørvik-Vanvikan.

The hotel is built in 2009 and the rooms held great standard. We strive to provide functional space solutions for both individuals and groups. It is also possible to rent meeting and seminar room, for either business or parties like birthdays, weddings, baptisms etc. The hotel serves free breakfast to all guests. Adjacent to the hotel reception there is also a lounge with bar - SCHANCHES Sportsbar.

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Breakfast included

As we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is why we offer it to all our guests, without any other extra cost. There is also free Internet access on all rooms.

Room types

Wheiter you travel alone, in pair or in a larger group - we are able to find something that suits you.

How to get here

You can access Bjugn hotel by car, bus or boat. Everything is simple. We'll show you how.