Bjugn Hotell

By car / ferry

From Trondheim:

  • The car ferry service Flakk-Rørvik takes you over the fjord of Trondheim.
  • Distance Trondheim - Flakk: 10 km
  • Ferry time Flakk - Rørvik: 25 mins
  • Distance Rørvik - Bjugn: 70 km

From Oppdal:
By Orkanger, with ferry Valset - Brekstad.

  • Oppdal - Berkåk: 35 km
  • Berkåk - Orkanger: 70 km
  • Orkanger - Valset: 50 km
  • Ferry time Valset - Brekstad: 25 mins
  • Brekstad - Bjugn: 15 km

From Steinkjer:
By car from Steinkjer to Bjugn over Skarnsundbrua and via Verrabotn: 140 km (approximately 2h).

From Namsos:
Nordfosenveien from Namsos to Bjugn via Osen, Roan and Åfjord. You can also drive this route through Steinkjer, and it is almost the same distance.

Via Ørland Airport:
Air Norway flies several times daily from Gardermoen to Ørland Airport. By bar from Ørland Airport to Bjugn it is about 17 km.

By boat

From Trondheim:
Kystekspressen from Trondheim to Brekstad, a trip that takes less than one hour. From Brekstad to Bjugn there are approximately 15 minutes by car.

From Kristiansund:
Kystekspressen also runs from Kristiansund to Brekstad.

Room types

Bjugn hotel has 12 single rooms, 15 double rooms and 1 suite. All of the rooms have their private bathroom, and is equipped with bed, wardrobe, TV, desk and chair.

What to do in Bjugn

Bjugn hotel is centrally located in the heart of Bjugn. You have close access to both shops, restaurants and cultural events as well as nature and acitivites nearby.